Be The Cycle Breaker

Inspired by my speaking engagement from the 2019 Maximizing Manhood Syposium

Dominic Lawson
6 min readMar 9, 2019

I want to thank Lekethan Mason for hosting this fantastic event, The Halloran Centre for hosting us here, the tremendous speakers you are going to hear from this evening and tomorrow, the parents, teachers, and mentors that brought a young person with them. Lastly, I want to thank you the young people for accepting the invitation to come. I thank you because your presence here speaks volumes. It says that you are ready to write your own story and create the destiny that you seek. That is a power that can forge the path of real change in our community.

Young scholars, I am the biggest fan of your generation. I truly am.

I believe that in many ways…
Your generation is more intelligent than any before it.
Your generation is more creative than any before it.
Your generation is more vocal than any before it.
Your generation is more fearless than any before it.

That is a good thing because we face so many problems outside these halls.

There is one problem, for which our community has been desperately seeking a solution. We have come close to making it, but we have always had an issue sustaining. That issue is economic prosperity and being planted firmly in the middle class. I believe the way you can help us to fix this problem is through directing that intelligence, creativity…



Dominic Lawson

Serial Entrepreneur and host of The Startup Life Podcast