Hang In There, You Got This!

Dominic Lawson
2 min readApr 4, 2021

**Originally written 3/18/2020**

StartupNation…pull up a chair!

We’re not going to lie to you. It’s a bit rough out there for us right now. Honestly, it’s probably going to get a lot worse in the coming weeks. You are probably dealing with either having to close your doors for the sake of the public or maybe invoices aren’t getting paid because people are more cautious about where they spend their money.

We get it….it really sucks right now, and you are probably thinking about where you go from here.

We have a few ideas!

First, ask yourself why did you start this journey? Was it freedom? Was it because you had a great idea? Was it because you can do it better than everyone else? Whatever it is, you are going to have to hold on to that right now. Trust us, and you are going to need it. Besides, are you really going to let this virus take that from you? We think not!

Next, remember your greatest asset…your entrepreneurial mindset! There is nothing…and we mean nothing you can’t figure out!

Slow down…breath…think…refocus …and take a step.

Sometimes we don’t think straight when we panic.

After that, call your customers. Make them part of the process. Explain to them what you…



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